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Tutorial images by Claudine Roelens
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ClaudHead1.jpg (22187 bytes) ClaudHead2.jpg (26001 bytes) ClaudHead3.jpg (28346 bytes) ClaudHead4.jpg (25828 bytes)
1. A series of pictures showing how to start a doll head. 2.Another series of pictures on how to start a doll head. 3.  Continuing the heads started in the first two images. 4. More images of finishing heads.
ClaudHead5.jpg (24826 bytes) ClaudHead6.jpg (27689 bytes) ClaudHead7.jpg (27099 bytes) ClaudHead8.jpg (15873 bytes)
5. More head-finishing images. 6.  A side view of a head. 7.  A front view. 8.  Attaching hair to the head.
Claudear1.jpg (19570 bytes) Claudmouth1.jpg (43678 bytes)
9.  Step-by-step ears. 10. Step-by-step mouths.


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