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1. A wooden base, which will have foil wrapped around it. 2. The foil is wrapped.  About half of the foil is over the wood, and half is "free." Notice that the halfway-point is roughly where the elbow will be. 3. A sheet of clay is rolled, long enough to cover most - not all - of the foil base.
Image006Debs_hands_4.jpg (73849 bytes) Debs_hand_5.jpg (109170 bytes) Image008_Debs_hnads_6.jpg (91109 bytes)
4.  The clay is wrapped around the foil, tapering toward the end. 5. The clay is evened out by rolling. 6. A knife is used to cut creases, where the elbow and wrist joints will be.
Image009Debs_hands_7.jpg (63180 bytes) Image010_Debs_hands_8.jpg (132614 bytes)
7. The arm is bent. (Notice also that the ring for attaching the arm to the body is added.) 8. Roughly half of the "hand" section has been cropped, and a thumb cylinder has been added.

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