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Onesie Pattern and Instructions

Onesie Pattern and Instructions by Dianne Noyes
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1.     Draw pattern on fabric placing the arms on the fold.

2.     Cut a wide margin around the pattern so you have a manageable size piece to sew on.

3.     Hem the sleeves: Cut a half inch or more under the sleeves so you can fold the material on the solid line and stitch the hem, then trim close to the stitching.

4.     Sew the side seams (red dash line).

5.     You can cut the garment out now but plan on sewing a casing in one of the bottom flaps for a ribbon that will tie at the waist.

6.     Cut a hole for the neck and cut down the back. I hand sew a thin ribbon around the neck to hide the raw edges and leave ends long enough to tie in a bow in the back.

7.     The bottom front is cut shorter and tucked under the baby’s bottom. The back flap with the casing and ribbon is put between the baby’s legs and up to the waistline and the ribbon is tied in a bow in the back. Or if you prefer, you can make it so the ribbons tie in front.

8.     The leg openings and the slit in back remain raw edges so use a material that does not fray a lot.

9.     This pattern is for a 4 ˝ to 5 inch baby. It measures 5 ˝  inches across the top. I usually have to make more than one before I get one the right size. I keep redrawing the pattern until I get one to fit.

Onesie Pattern  -  Body Pattern  -  Car Seat Pattern


Body Pattern

Pattern by Dianne Noyes
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my_soft_bodies_smaller.jpg (61221 bytes)

Onesie Pattern  -  Body Pattern  -  Car Seat Pattern


Car Seat Pattern

Pattern by Dianne Noyes
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2CarSeat_Pattern.jpg (129640 bytes)
Seat Pieces

baby_seat_base_.jpg (132008 bytes)
Base Pieces

Baby_seat_cover_pattern4.jpg (151338 bytes)
Pattern for Seat
Cover and Pad

Baby_seat_glued3.jpg (158823 bytes)
Assembled Car
Seat and Pad pieces

Purple_seat_with_Keith6.jpg (175280 bytes)

A finished example

Onesie Pattern  -  Body Pattern  -  Car Seat Pattern


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